Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Collaborating with VTTI faculty and graduate students, I assisted in the creation of study designs, enhanced data analytics, and provided insights and conclusions to help form scientific evidence and industry guidance for transportation regulators, companies, and individuals in relation to sleep healthcare and safety.


Working with the Wesper executive team, I guided the product development strategy to leverage their current product value proposition in the sleep healthcare marketplace, as well as devise innovative services offerings to capitalize on the unique product features of their technology.

Novela Neurotechnologies (Neureka)

Initially working as a consulting Chief Medical Officer, and then Chief Sleep & Medicine Advisor, I work with the C-suite and research collaborators to design and deliver novel science-based NIH research grant proposals leveraging the company’s technological IP, longitudinal real-world datasets to advance the field of sleep-related seizure biometrics.

Rethink Care

Working directly with Rethink Care teams, I designed and delivered multiple client-facing webinars and media designed to educate employees and employers about the impact of sleep and circadian rhythms in the workplace. Webinars were focused on US and international audiences in many different industries.

Whil Concepts

As a member of Whil’s Advisory Board and Science Advisory Board, I collaborated with the Founder & CEO in the creation of their evidence-based “Sleep Better” training area and a broad array of employer and payer focused strategies. This work contributed to tripling Whil’s clients (500+) and active members (3.5M+) over the course of five years. 

Absolute Rest

As the Chief Sleep Medical Advisor, I provide strategic and medical guidance to the company related to sleep science, healthcare technology, and medical care models for elite and professional athletes, and high performance individuals.

University of Michigan

As the telehealth Principal Investigator for Sleep SMART, the largest NIH funded ($45M) sleep apnea and stroke study in the US, I provide sleep and telehealth research collaboration as a consultant to the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan.


As the Sleep Advisor to MUD\WTR, a ritual beverage company in CA, I provide internal and external thought leadership related to circadian and sleep issues. I work with their marketing and creative teams to provide educational and informational content for multiple forms of interactive technology.

USA Olympic Weightlifting Team

Starting in 2019, I have been the Sleep and Performance consultant to the United States Weightlifting Team and US Olympic Weightlifting team. Utilizing sleep and circadian rhythm neuroscience and medicine, I assist coaches, athletes, and US Olympic team staff with issues of performance. For example, planning for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, I guided the team in creating a circadian/sleep preparedness camp in HI to facilitate athlete performance.

NFL’s Atlanta Falcons

From 2012-18, I served as the Sleep and Performance consultant for the Atlanta Falcons. In this role, I developed and administered a team-wide sleep health screening program, including education, medical and behavioral treatments, and outcome measurements.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Working as a visiting scientist, I collaborated with Director’s and scientists at the CDC to assist in uncovering the phenotypic disease associations between chronic fatigue and disorders of sleepiness and sleep to help launch major public health initiatives related to sleep.

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