Providing innovative healthcare, wellness, and scientific guidance for companies and individuals in health-tech, health-care, and health-plans.

Whether it’s growing your business in the tele-health era, implementing tech-based population health for your organization, or creating a new approach to disease prevention, my experience, creativity, and scientific approach will help you realize the future of care now.

Jeffrey S. Durmer, MD, Ph.D.

President & CEO

I provide strategic, tactical, and well-researched guidance for organizations in health-tech, wellness, health care and high performance environments to improve their products, processes, and people by applying my years of experience as a Chief Medical Officer in the health technology and population healthcare industries.

Consulting Services

Develop new approaches for your tech-enabled health products

Realize new and creative ways to implement your innovative products in the continuously evolving wellness and healthcare universe.

Apply prevention-based approaches to your populations

Unlock the preventative power of sleep health, nutrition science, and movement physiology as part of your value-based integrated population health programming.

Add sleep and circadian science to your approach

Integrate novel sleep and circadian approaches to human factors, physiology, and disease focused programs and investigations.

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